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SLC Himalayas blends Yoga, ancient Indian wisdom, Management thought, discourses on Spirituality and Adventure in the lap of Himalayas.

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Upcoming Program:
Chetna: Realization
(5 Days)
6 June 2023 to 10 June 2023
₹ 18,500+GST (5%)

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The Idea!


When you realize…

When you feel the water and taste the air,You realize life can really be fairWhen you see the earth touching the clouds,You realize your inner strength was in self-doubtWhen you accept the challenge and takeover your own gear,You realize you have taken one step towards overcoming your fearWhen you forget the destination and enjoy the…

Ray of Light

Is the world just an amalgamation of different perceptions? Does our collective conscience impact our reality? I am sure those who follow the law of attraction have strong views on the same and maybe, even a fan of the Matrix series could imagine the world to be a virtual reality software and reality to be…

Becoming Fearless

Is becoming fearless even a thing? Can we ever truly become fearless? Some say that we can become fearless after we face our fears. I have water phobia to some extent. When I signed up for “Strategies of Life and Career”, I knew water sports were going to be a part of the parcel but…

My Road to Self Discovery

I was mired in running the race of the physical world,Running blindly to help the flag of my career unfurl.Burning the midnight oil, striving for new milestones, I did it all to hone my abilities;Yet, there was a sense of emptiness and fear that made my mind crawl with insecurities.As chance would have it, the…

एक झलक

“मन है परन्तु शांत है और यह शांति मन से अलग नहीं है अपितु उसी का एक अभिन्न हिस्सा है। मन को मारा नहीं गया है अपितु उसके पार जाया गैया है। SLC का प्रादुर्भाव इसी स्थिति तक आने के लिए किया गया है। मन है परन्तु विचार नहीं है और इसलिए पीड़ा नहीं है।…

Corporate Lessons from the Mountains

The ‘Strategies for life and career’ program gave me a chance to have a spiritual experience and learn many corporate lessons at the same time. Some of the lessons are as follows-1) During a crisis, an emotion drives you that can either make you or break you.When I was thrown off the peak of a…


Upcoming Programs

Chetna: Realization (5 Days)
6 June 2023 to 10 June 2023
₹ 18,500+GST (5%)

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