Amarnadh Chegerla

My journey to the Himalayas as a course SLC Himalayas was highly invigorating. This has made me know myself, through deep introspection and valuable teachings. The peregrination through mountains, deep and dark forests made me challenge myself every time and every challenge has introduced a more vigorous me. This journey of 10 days with 26 other companions(Including my mentors) made this expedition much more exhilarating. I can for sure say that this kind of experience is Unprecedented in My Life. Now that I am experiencing the corporate diligent life and stress, I can visually discern how consequential this trip was to me.

Amarnadh is from Rajahmundry and works with Times Internet, he can be reached at: amarnadh717@gmail.com

Prateeksha Modi

SLC Himalayas program became something really special for me!  The people of the course, the faculties, the places, the activities and learnings, everything was so amazing and lively.  I’ve learned so much during the journey. I’ve seen so much. I’ve got a chance to meet such lovely people. Everyone was really kind and helpful. There’s been nothing I can complain about. I am glad to be the part of this beautiful and edifying course.

Palash Chakraborty

Someone rightly said
“Wherever u go becomes a part of u”
Frankly speaking I’m not the kind of person who loves traveling. The reason I got enrolled myself in this program was that, because of SLC Himalayas program I had one subject less in the previous trimester compared to others.
During the first few days of our visit I already started missing my gym, my hostel room ( and the list goes on). But as the days passed by, sitting somewhere in the Himalayas, I found that the silence that surrounds us is of the Himalayas, not of our own.
We have to find our own Himalayas within to conquer. At last, the lesson I learnt was “Take every chance you get in life, because things only happened once”

Asmita Sahu

This course was indeed a dream come true for me and it exceeded my expectations. It was a complete blend of learning, adventure, experience and most importantly introspection.
We are so occupied in our daily lives that we do not get enough time for ourselves. This course will make you go through multiple activities, analysis, networking, utilizing your skills and enhancing your inner self.
I assure that you will return from this course as a more optimistic and a calm person. A confident person who will have a greater clarity in every decision you make. And most importantly you will learn to be happy and that’s where the “peace” belongs.
I consider myself as an enthusiastic and adventurous person who believes in fulfilling dreams. I was never afraid of anything in my life. But this course helped me identify my weaknesses and overcome them effectively. This is a once in a life time opportunity.

Pramiti Matta

We are so often caught up in our life, bogged down with our daily routine that introspection often gets overlooked. We overemphasize on negative thoughts that eventually rob us of harmony and balance. SLC Himalayas was one such experience that helped me understand myself more through internal and external reflections. Starting the day with yoga and meditation followed by case study discussions on important concepts like holistic expansion, deep work, mindfulness, etc. as well as identifying our control points and pressure points and working on them. And not to forget steep mountain treks, kayaking, rappelling and other adventure activities that challenged not only our physical strength but mental resilience as well. And ending the day with reflections and book reviews. Whilst all this, our camps on foothills of the mighty Himalayas kept on leaving us awestruck with its enthralling beauty. The view of breathtaking peaks and valleys from ‘Camp Shama’ hasn’t faded a bit from my memory. SLC Himalayas has been the most enriching and soul-fulfilling experience of my life that is very hard to describe in words. It has helped me gain a new and wider view of life.

Pramiti is from Delhi and works with Blue Star, she can be reached at: pramitimatta@gmail.com

PVS Rama Charyulu

Overwhelming!, is what I felt when I got to know that I can opt for a course that deals with something that I am always fascinated about – Books, Spirituality & Traveling and on top of that I will be awarded credits for doing that. SLC Himalayas brought a new, parallel perspective of thinking into many aspects of life. The unique, adventurous curriculum and the faculty made it even better. After all, it is not an ordinary thing to have a subject in a b-school, that teaches you to stay UNMATERIALISTIC.

PVS Rama Charyulu is from Vishakhapatnam and works with TTK Healthcare Limited, he can be reached at: rampvs1993@gmail.com

Subin Sebastien

One thing that this experience taught me was, the dreams and thought process you have and go through in Himalayas are very different from the one you see from the 20th floor of your office or your apartment. One will  wonder how narrow their perspective was, how small their dream was in that 20 storey building while at the foothills of Himalayas.
This was the closest I felt like Christoper McCandless from the movie “Into the Wild”. This was the moment all those cliche motivational quotes about living in the present and not worrying about your past or future finally made sense. every hike, every bit of adventure no matter how scary it is leaves you a little bit more stronger and bit more happier.
And the best part is, when you leave, a part of the mountain and the people you met stays with you so that the next time your boss screams at you or your best efforts becomes futile, you know something more beautiful is just ahead the next mountain.

Subin is from Hyderabad and works with NALSOFT, he can be reached at: subin145@gmail.com

M Ozer

I was a bit nervous when I was told that I have to be at more than 8000 ft. above sea level at a very low temperature and required to do physical activities and intense reading. I thought I’d require immense physical and mental strength, but then I realized, it was not about any of the two. It was about being true to yourself. With each day I started being honest with myself and then everything became easy. I started believing I’m perfect the way I am and did not have to put any pressure to be mentally or physically strong. With every reading, I was becoming wise. With every discussion, I was becoming empathetic. With every physical activity, I became more comfortable with my physical strength. With every reflection, I started becoming more aware of myself.
I think life is so much better when there are no distractions and you’re close to nature and SLC Himalayas did that for me wonderfully.
I was on a beautiful journey with myself.
If you ask me what is the one thing in my life that I would want to do all over again, that would be SLC Himalayas.

Mohd. Ozer is from Madhya Pradesh and works with Studio Mosaic, he can be reached at: mohd.ozer1992@gmail.com

Karan Anand

Strategies for Life and Career in Himalayas is one of the best things ever happened to me in my life. It came into my life as a part of my MBA curriculum but it taught me several lessons which are really helpful that I couldn’t find in any textbook yet.  I never felt the importance of Contemplation in this technology driven busy world. But during these 10 days where I learnt how to deal with ups and downs in life and of course managing self, I feel blessed to be a part of this program.
I was able to explore the beauty of nature with the closest view possible with utmost peace all around.
The program was perfectly designed with full of outbound activities, Corporate Cases, Yoga and Meditation, Spiritual Sessions. I must say a part of me is still there.

Karan is from Agra and works with Vedantu, he can be reached at: anandkaran608@gmail.com

Kanika Kalra

A journey for the mind, body and soul
That takes you into a world of gold
Far away from those city lights,
Is a place where your peace reunites!
SLC Himalayas has been a once in a lifetime experience that I hold dear to my heart because it has helped me dive deep into my inner self. It came as a package of things that I had always wished for – A new thought process, new memories, new friendships, a new perspective to life and A NEW ME! 
In the hustle and bustle of life, we usually forget to value the small things, but through this course, I realized the true meaning of happiness, that lies not in the things but within. Indubitably, this is by far the only journey that I wish to take again and again if given an opportunity because the thing that has made me fearless in my life is this – “SLC Himalayas”.

Kanika is from Gurgaon and works with TCS, she can be reached at: kanikakalra1996@gmail.com

Pooja Bisht

When I got the chance to be a part of SLC Himalayas, I was a bit apprehensive because I have never ever been trekking and this was a complete outdoor program so I wasn’t sure on how will I be able to survive it. I once read somewhere that if something scares you, you should do it and so I decided to give it a chance. SLC Himalayas happened to be around the same time as my birthday. I could sense it out to be something special as I would have been celebrating my 25th birthday (a quarter of my existence) in my native place (I am originally from Uttarakhand). This made the experience even more special.
It was a different life altogether starting the day with yoga, eating organic fruits and food straight out of the vegetables sourced from nearby farms. From camping near the banks of river ramganga to camping 8000 ft above sea level, I definitely got to experience a lot. On my birthday, we trekked for 15 kms. Pitched our own tents on the riverside and made a meal for everyone by ourselves. And my friends surprised me by taking efforts to bring a birthday cake for me in the middle of nowhere. During that time I was quite tired and irritated but now when I think of it ; I achieved a milestone of trekking 25 kms, served the community by cooking food with my friends and was blessed to have the love of my friends who made efforts to celebrate my birthday. And the next morning, I woke up and took a bath in the river next to my tent. It was pure bliss. SLC Himalayas was definitely one of the major learning experience of my life. Even today whenever faced with a challenge in my corporate life, I try to solve it with the help of lessons learnt in SLC Himalayas.

Pooja is from Mumbai and works with Fujitsu, she can be reached at: pooja.bisht510@gmail.com

Faizan Ali Sayyed

Life is a journey from yourself to yourself. I have always believed in ‘Life is what you make it’, and that is where the career comes in, along with Family, Beliefs and other elements. Success can be measured with different yardsticks for different people, be it the happiness quotient, peace, position, power or money. SLC Himalayas turned out to be the catalyst in my life that I needed more than anything.
I hold my PGDM degree in analytics and operations, and I tend to see numbers and patterns in anything and everything around me. When you mix this up with social, mental and spiritual challenges, you find yourself lost in the middle of a mammoth-sized problem, that has no solution.
Coming from a middle class family and an engineer’s mind-set with anxiety issues, I found myself completely at the lowest point of my life. Everything I had done or was doing, felt meaningless and I was afraid to be myself. I could feel an emotional turbulence around people, and It managed to stop me from delivering my absolute best. For me SLC Himalayas served as a window of opportunity to look within and around, to understand the true sense of success for me, to realize my mistakes, to connect the dots and build a bridge for me, to manage my problems and achieve my career and life goals.
Strategies for Life and career creates a different experience for every individual. In my case, it was a journey towards my own self, through different lenses. Every case we studied, allowed me to step into someone else’s shoes, and then contemplate on being the one in that situation myself. It opened doors that were hard to find, it helped calm my rattled and constantly on-the-run brain, and helped me build my personality.
The experience would have been nothing without the honesty of each member in our crew, and our gurus, who were resilient in helping us sail through our storms. They did an amazing job of being the navigation guide a lost sailor would need in the middle of an ocean.
Once you go on this journey, you will be able to disconnect yourself from your current way of life, your problems, and reconnect at a deeper level with a better understanding of your past, future, and your present. SLC Himalayas is the way to charge your soul and find your equilibrium.