Sparsh – Feel your Soul


Region: Uttarakhand
Locations: Mukteshwar, Daankudi, Shaama, Ramganga
Duration: 10 Days
Pick-up: Kathgodam
Drop: Kathgodam

Brief Itinerary

Day 1:
-Pickup from Kathgodam
-Travel to Camp Purple, Mukteshwar
-Rock climbing & Rapelling
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 2:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Hike to waterfall, Team games
-Case Discussions|
-Travel to Daankudi
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 3:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Discussion on Eastern/Western philosophies
-Arrival at Camp Shaama
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 4:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Case discussions
-Day in Gyandhura village
-Astronomy session
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 5:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Discussion on Upanishadas
-Hike to Kunadhar
-Cook your own lunch
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 6:
-Trek down to Chetabagar valley
-Pithing tents, cooking dinner
-Ancient wisdom

Day 7:
-Trek to Camp Ramganga
-Swimming, Body Surfing
-Beach volleyball
-Riverside bonfire
-Reflections, Experience Sharing

Day 8:
-Yoga & Meditation
-River kayaking, slithering
-Mountain bicycling
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 9:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Hike to pool, poolside lunch
-Case discussion
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 10:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Concluding sessions
-Travel back to Kathgodam

About the Program

Passionate about what we do at workplace is not accidental. Neither happiness is co incidental in a world full of stress, restlessness and competition. While body takes on the physical onslaught the mind is constantly wandering listlessly seeking harmony and peace while tackling host of actors up, down and lateral. Mind does little meaningful when not at peace and tends to lose balance and composure. The thought behind this program is to navigate participants through complex self and complexity of the world in order to have clarity of purpose and existence and help liberate with thoughts, mindsets and assumptions. This course proposes to learn while doing and thinking. Participants will spend ten days in mountains doing scores of stuff which involves leadership and thinking strategically and see life’s parallel to businesses, learn from old scriptures by taking a dive into philosophy and spirituality find its usefulness in corporate world.  Classes would be under the stars and in meadows, explore the toughness of body and mind through rigorous outbound exercises. Learn to listen, sit for long hours and sometime doing nothing and thinking or just mulling over a case study laying on a big rock. Learn to be one with the mind and body through Yoga or solving a strategy or HR problem within the group at the same time playing and just having fun. The nature has this amazing way of separating grain from the chaff when it comes to clutter in the mind and in the rough open settings participants would learn to bare their soul and then reflect. Reflection is the key aspect and then with extreme honesty ones’ inner self is open for discussion and expression. These ten days would involve working inside and outside. Working with oneself and working with the team.


Impartial self – evaluation and self-tour.
To intently be aware of one’s internal reflections and voices
Experience inner freedom through self-analysis and freedom from artificial boundaries
Integrating the internal, external and spiritual well being


Clarity and purpose in personal and professional life.
Evaluate options in life with inner conviction
Build professional credibility

For Whom

The program is for those who seek integration of the body, mind and work for meaningful personal and professional life without having to lose the greater meaning and purpose of life. Aimed at corporate professionals handling complex and sometime multiple roles finding it difficult to balance professional challenges with personal priorities. This program gives an opportunity to the business leaders to look inwards to draw energy and motivation to perform and shine fearlessly, displaying courage and composure to win over the people inside and outside of the organization. Kumaon being the Dev Bhoomi (Land of the Gods) has provided the spiritual backdrop for thousands of years for those who seek the truth from within and lead from the front. Young and mid-level Business managers with eight years plus experience will find this program more useful.


This program will be delivered using a rich and healthy mix of interactive sessions, intense introspection, experience sharing, reflections, experiential exercises, role-plays,, case discussions, intense physical and adventurous activities, yoga and meditation and learn-by-doing techniques to help the participants imbibe the themes and translate the learning into skill.  Participants will be encouraged to examine their assumptions for greater clarity and useful action planning.  

About the Journey

The setting of this program is in the Kumaon Himalayas in altitudes varying from 5000 to 10000 Ft above MSL. Such locations offer the opportunity to introspect amidst the towering presence of the snow clad mountains, evergreen valleys, pristine meadows and flowing rivers. Himalayas have enchanted people from all hues from emperors to paupers. People have claimed attaining enlightenment in Himalayas. . Kumaon being the Dev Bhoomi (Land of the Gods) has provided the spiritual backdrop for thousands of years for those who seek the truth from within and  have provided exemplary leadership.  While nature offers a humbling experience Himalayas forces one to seek the truth.
Locations: Mukteshwar, Daankudi, Shama & Ramganga

Program Offerings

Yoga: Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation
Ancient Wisdom: Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Eastern & Western Philosophies
Activities: Trekking, Rappelling & Rock Climbing, Village tour and Water sports
Discussions: Case discussions on Knowing self, Mindfulness, Managing Conflict, Conscious Leadership, Self-Analytics, Deep Work, Authentic Happiness and Professional Fearlessness.

Upcoming programs

Antardhwani: The Inner Vibrations (7 Days)
27 March 2022 to 2 April 2022
₹ 17,500+GST (5%)