Parivartan – The Change Within


Region: Uttarakhand
Locations: Daankudi, Pinath, Rathmatia, Shaama, Ramganga
Duration: 15 Days
Pick-up: Kathgodam
Drop: Kathgodam

Brief Itinerary

Day 1:
-Pickup from Kathgodam
-Travel to Daankudi, orientation walk in jungles
-Introduction & briefing

Day 2:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Hike to central Himalayas: Aeradeo
-Cases on Knowing Self, Mindfulness

Day 3:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Discussion on Eastern/Western philosophies
-Hike down to Jhupulchaur, valley camping
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 4,5 & 6:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Trekking in Pinath
-Case discussions on Deep work, Self-Analytics, Focus
-Discussion on Eastern/Western philosophies, Upanishadas, Ramcharitmanas
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 7:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Downhill trek to Rathmatia
-Discussion on Upanishadas
-One-on-one discussions

Day 8:
-Travel to Simkhet
-Discussion on Indian Scriptures
-Case discussion on Leadership

Day 9 & 10:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Travel to Camp Shama
-Astronomy session
-Day in Gyandhura village
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 11:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Trek down to Chetabagar valley
-Pithing tents, cooking dinner
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 12 & 13 :
-Yoga & Meditation
-Trek to Camp Ramganga
-Swimming, Body Surfing
-Beach volleyball
-River kayaking, slithering
-Case discussions on Authentic Happiness, Ancient Wisdom at Work
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 14 & 15:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Travel to Mukteshwar, Camp Purple
-Discussion on Eastern/Western philosophies, Upanishadas, Ramcharitmanas
-Concluding session
-Travel to Kathgodam

About the Program

Permanence is an illusion that most people realize….yet there is so little effort to change. Ironically any change calls for transformation inside the individual and nowhere away from self.  And this occurrence is seen and felt in all aspects of life economic, political, social and even spiritual. If such is the inevitability of change, why not make it a habit, a part of our existence. While we all strive to achieve milestones in life and career often bypassing the fundamental tenet of existence that living is a process of creation. A generation evolves, slowly and subtly. This evolution begins at the micro level and transforms into a group phenomenon, often leaving a legacy behind for others to emulate.  This intense self – desire to create, accrue knowledge of the hidden, elevate towards being the best version of the self, triggers evolution, and facilitates man’s journey towards its true abode.
‘Pariwartan’ is such a journey, which equates one with one’s soul, enabling a divine bloom through the path of self-rediscovery. In any dimension of life, it is an illumination to harmoniously be compressive, flexible or tensile.  These fifteen days will take you through a spectrum of experience and activities, where you could afford opportunities to look inward and seek an improved self, the one who functions fearlessly and wholesomely breaking free of imposed boundaries. It is a manoeuvre towards change and a conscious realization to be a self-leader!


Identify the world beyond your individual periphery to enable change within
Integrate self, spirituality and management skills with professional practice
Nurture self towards team building and value-aided collaboration


Clarity and purpose in personal and professional life.
Inner fearlessness to accept truth about self and others
Identify and establish the leader within you
Manage change everywhere mindfully
Define success for yourself and be empowered to achieve your goals

For Whom

This program is for those who desire to invest in self, and create change for the better. It offers an opportunity to those looking to acknowledge and elevate inner potential. It is for those who thrive to be a leader and would love to experience self-confrontation in various situations including self-dependence and solitude. We focus on those who wish to see change happening in present. The participants can range from individuals to large corporates attempting to take themselves closer to their finest self. The program strengthens you to express and offers time, space and ambience to seek the self without disassociating with the vital others around. Aimed at individuals, groups and corporates envisaging change as a habit coming through personal maturity and professional conviction.


This program will be delivered using a rich and healthy mix of interactive sessions, intense introspection, experience sharing, reflections, experiential exercises, role-plays, case discussions, intense physical and adventurous activities, yoga and meditation and learn-by-doing techniques to help the participants imbibe the themes and translate the learning into skill. Participants will be encouraged to examine their assumptions for greater clarity and useful action planning.  

About the Journey

Kumaon region is known as Dev Bhoomi (Land of the Gods), while Himalayas are known as peace bringers, providing spiritual backdrop and attracting peace seekers for thousands of years. The setting of this program is in the Kumaon Himalayas in altitudes varying from 5000 to 10000 Ft above MSL. The journey begins with Kathgodam (1,485 ft.) with a serenic view of mountains all around leaving you awestruck with their beauty. The views are more mesmerizing when we move up to Mukteshwar, Shaama, Sattal, Patal Bhubaneswar and the shores of Ramganga. Such locations offer the opportunity to introspect amidst the towering presence of the snow-clad mountains, evergreen valleys, pristine meadows and flowing rivers. While nature offers a humbling experience, Himalayas force one to seek the truth.
Locations: Daankudi, Pinath, Rathmatia, Shaama, Ramganga

Program Offerings

Yoga: Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation
Ancient Wisdom: Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Eastern & Western Philosophies
Activities: Trekking, Rappelling & Rock Climbing, Village tour, Treasure hunt, Camping and Water sports
Discussions: Case discussions on Knowing self, Mindfulness, Managing Conflict, Communication, Focus, Conscious Leadership, Self-Analytics, Deep Work, Applying Ancient Wisdom at Work, Authentic Happiness, Managing Change and In Praise of your Incompleteness.

Upcoming programs

Antardhwani: The Inner Vibrations (7 Days)
27 March 2022 to 2 April 2022
₹ 17,500+GST (5%)