A Day at SLC Himalayas

Upcoming programs

Antardhwani: The Inner Vibrations (7 Days)
27 March 2022 to 2 April 2022
₹ 17,500+GST (5%)

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a confluence of mind and body and what better way than this to start a day at SLC. In fact a day at SLC starts with asanas and ends with Dhyana (meditation). The ancient science of Yoga helps in keeping a balance in life and helps you look at things just as they are, without being judgemental. Yoga helps in getting away from the duality of life and establishes a union of the mind and body. In Advaita, it is the lofty principal to find ultimate Ananda (bliss) and peace within. The yogi is not trying to change anything outside but to be a one true witness and not a doer.

Ancient Wisdom

At SLC Himalayas, efforts are made  to look and internalize the rich ancient wisdom of diverse scriptures, the treasure trove of knowledge garnered by our ancient seers and saints. The lofty goal of this knowledge is liberation but if internalized it also helps one to look within and be peaceful and enlightened. The participants read and discuss Ishavasya Upnishads, Bhagvad Gita, Maha Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Mahabharata and Ramayana and more. The purpose is not to read all but to contemplate, analyze and synthesize even if a small excerpts from these sacred texts  and then to make it a part of oneself..

Activities & Games

Adventure sports like rappelling, zip-lining, body-surfing, kayaking, swimming in rivers, mountain climbing are but few sports that participants are involved in. Some of these are challenging and invoke a sense of fear followed by exhilaration and then a sense of achievement and fearlessness once completed. Many a  times participants have marveled at what they could do with the limited potential of their bodies. These sports have been an eye-opener for many and has filled them with a sense of awe and happiness which they remember over a long period of time. There are several other games played during the program such as treasure hunts, painting or simply listening to music  around a bonfire.

Reading & Contemplation

Reading selected life changing books and cases studies is an essential activity undertaken by every participant. They choose a book and then contemplate over it, write about it and discuss about it in groups. SLC Himalayas gives everyone enough time to be alone and contemplate over past, present and future and see who we are, where we are going and what it means to be happy and content in this life. SLC Himalayas is not about mastery over someone but about completely accepting oneself and then completely surrendering to the infinite potential of this universe. SLC Himalayas is not a leadership camp or a management outing but it is a chance to find your place in this world by finding yourself. At SLC Himalayas you are not seeking to change the world, on the contrary, SLC Himalayas is a journey within, to conquer your own self and in return you make your peace with this world.

Case Discussions

We at SLC believe that every human being is intelligent and thoughtful so discussions are a big part of every-day life at SLC. Open discussions, and diverse view-points are encouraged. Everybody is required to bring forth their perspective, however radical or mundane it is.


Ironically so far the reflections have been the toughest activity that everyone has engaged in. Participants were asked to look within themselves, search for their deepest fears, ugliest secrets, most exhilarating situations, saddest moments and then bring them all out and share with everyone. This moment of complete transparency was also the moment of complete catharsis and then what a relief it was as there was nothing to hide. Everyone reveled in the glory of their pure thoughts, intentions without any fears. We have seen all the masks being shattered and what came out was the authenticity of a true human being. The process was difficult but the consequences were enriching and rewarding like never before.