Chetna – Realization


Region: Uttarakhand
Locations: Syat, Suryagaon
Duration: 5 Days
Pick-up: Kathgodham
Drop: Kathgodham

Brief Itinerary

Day 1:
-Pickup from Kathgodam
-Arriving at Camp Syat, camp exloring
-Baawanseedhi hike
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 2:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Case Discussions
-Soft adventure activities: Valley crossing, Monkey ladders, Tree Jumaaring
-Jungle survival Hike through forest
-Sunset from plateau overlooking Corbett landscape
-Night on Machaans
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 3:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Rock climbing, Rappelling, Kayaking
-Hike to Camp Suryagaon
-Reflections, Experience sharing around Campfire

Day 4:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Cook lunch in Jungle
-Kayaking chaos-Team games
-Session on Indian Scriptures
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 5:
-Yoga & Meditation
-A Day in Village
-Cooking lunch in Vaillager’s houses
-Farm visits
-Packing up & departure to Kathgodham


Corporate Lessons from Mountains
-Harshita Kajaria

Perfection-subset of Imperfection
-Anaha Pandey

Conscientious Leader
-Neha Singh

The Long walk of Patience
-Anurupa Ghosh

About the Program

While we are compelled to live a life in perpetual facade, the self-identity and the soul inside keeps throwing complex and uncomfortable questions to the conscious self. Who Am I? Who does the world believe I am? What is my worth? Are a few questions that often stirs our existence? The answers are often difficult to get and most often have clues inside. The gradual realization within the realm of consciousness and existence provides some insight into manifestations of reality weaving together the myth and the real, the known and the unknown and the self and others. All in all this is one journey that begins with the self and ends with self. This short trip, the shortest of all our programs aims at knocking at the closed doors inside for a brief while and leaving you stunned with the possibilities inside. Blending the three sources of existence the physical, the intellectual and the spiritual, we attempt to synergize all three for that beautiful journey called ‘Life’.


To get an inner view of the self and assess self-value
Visit mental models and examine self-created mental barriers
Experience inner freedom through self-analysis and freedom from artificial boundaries


Clarity and purpose in personal and professional life.
Inner fearlessness to accept truth about self and others

For Whom

This program is for those who are short on time, yet seek to delve into the unknown self to mine for gold. Customized for quick coverage of concepts and journeys. It offers an opportunity to those looking for clarity of purpose in what they do day in and day out. The participants can range from individuals to large corporates attempting to take themselves closer to the potential self. The program offers time, space and ambience to seek the self without disassociating with the vital others around.


This program will be delivered using a rich and healthy mix of interactive sessions, intense introspection, experience sharing, reflections, experiential exercises, role-plays,, case discussions, intense physical and adventurous activities, yoga and meditation and learn-by-doing techniques to help the participants imbibe the themes and translate the learning into skill.  Participants will be encouraged to examine their assumptions for greater clarity and useful action planning.  

About the Journey

Kumaon being the Dev Bhoomi (Land of the Gods) has provided the spiritual backdrop for thousands of years for those who seek the truth from within and lead from the front. The setting of this program is in the Kumaon Himalayas in altitudes varying from 5000 to 10000 Ft above MSL. Such locations offer the opportunity to introspect amidst the towering presence of the snow clad mountains, evergreen valleys, pristine meadows and flowing rivers. While nature offers a humbling experience Himalayas forces one to seek the truth. The truth of being and nothingness.

Program Offerings

Yoga: Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation
Ancient Wisdom: Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Eastern & Western Philosophies
Activities: Treks, Rock climbing, Rapelling, Village tour and Water sports
Discussions: Case discussions on Knowing self, Mindfulness, Balancing self & work, Authentic Happiness and Professional Contentment.

Upcoming programs

Antardhwani: The Inner Vibrations (7 Days)
27 March 2022 to 2 April 2022
₹ 17,500+GST (5%)