एक झलक

“मन है परन्तु शांत है और यह शांति मन से अलग नहीं है अपितु उसी का एक अभिन्न हिस्सा है। मन को मारा नहीं गया है अपितु उसके पार जाया गैया है। SLC का प्रादुर्भाव इसी स्थिति तक आने के लिए किया गया है। मन है परन्तु विचार नहीं है और इसलिए पीड़ा नहीं है।Continue reading “एक झलक”

Corporate Lessons from the Mountains

The ‘Strategies for life and career’ program gave me a chance to have a spiritual experience and learn many corporate lessons at the same time. Some of the lessons are as follows-1) During a crisis, an emotion drives you that can either make you or break you.When I was thrown off the peak of aContinue reading “Corporate Lessons from the Mountains”

‘THE FLOW STATE’ with yoga and meditation

Have you ever wondered when you have been your happiest self? That probably must have been when the time just passed you by and you were in a ‘ flow state’ where you indulged in an activity that challenges you but helps you utilize your skills that are unique to you. It is during thisContinue reading “‘THE FLOW STATE’ with yoga and meditation”