Antardhwani – The Inner Vibrations


Region: Uttarakhand
Locations: Mukteshwar, Shaama, Ramganga
Duration: 7 Days
Pick-up: Kathgodam
Drop: Kathgodam

Brief Itinerary

Day 1:
-Pickup from Kathgodam
-Travel to Camp Purple, Mukteshwar
-Rock climbing & Rapelling
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 2:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Hike to waterfall, Team games
-Case Discussions|
-Ancient wisdom
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 3:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Discussion on Upanishadas
-Session on Easter/Western philosophies
-Travel to Camp Shaama
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 4:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Cook lunch in Jungle
-Kayaking chaos-Team games
-Session on Indian Scriptures
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 5:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Travel to Camp Ramganga
-Swimming, Body Surfing, Beach volleyball
-Evening Meditation
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 6:
-Yoga & Meditation
-River Kayaking, Swimming
-Ancient wisdom
-Reflections, Experience sharing

Day 7:
-Yoga & Meditation
-Case Discussions
-Concluding session
-Travel back to Kathgodam

About the Program

In the buzz and noise of everyday life, the voice within often either fades away or gets throttled by external forces. We continue to ignore and suffer silently, until one day we wake up to the unregulated explosion of emotions questioning the tenets of existence. The quest and query in search of self gets overwhelming. Sometimes leading to bouts of self-doubting and worthlessness. Surmounting such existential dilemma often passes though the deep alleys within 1.e. the mind, the body and the soul. The inner voice also gets prominent because they are at the source of all critical decisions we make. Relationships, career goals, hatred, adoration and even dreams are strongly influence by the vibrations inside.  The anger, frustration, sadness is all controlled by the inner voices. Interestingly, these voices are innate and only we can hear and interpret. It navigates us through the difficult times and life impacting decisions. The beginning is not just to hear to the inner voices but also actively respond, act, react and obey its instructions, but importantly just restfully listening to those voices. Give yourself these seven days to calm down and listen to those voices stuffed inside for years and integrate them with yourself, your profession and others. Who knows you get pleasantly surprised by the other you inside.


Impartial self – evaluation and self-tour.
To intently be aware of one’s internal reflections and voices
Experience inner freedom through self-analysis and freedom from artificial boundaries. 
Integrating the internal, external and spiritual well being


Clarity and purpose in personal and professional life.
Evaluate options in life with inner conviction

Build professional credibility

For Whom

This program is meant for those aspiring to have greater self-clarity and build a positive professional image by being reflective of actions and reactions. Also for people wanting to be in control of inner self while dealing with personal and professional challenges. Customized for quick coverage of concepts and journeys. It offers an opportunity to those looking for inner conviction and mindful assessment of life and professional decisions without hurting the self-image and soulful conviction. The participants can range from individuals to large corporates attempting to see positivity in decision makers, who would own their decisions with conviction and inner commitment. The program offers time, space and ambience to seek the honest and transparent self for improved conviction and determined actions.


This program will be delivered using a rich and healthy mix of interactive sessions, intense introspection, experience sharing, reflections, experiential exercises, role-plays,, case discussions, intense physical and adventurous activities, yoga and meditation and learn-by-doing techniques to help the participants imbibe the themes and translate the learning into skill.  Participants will be encouraged to examine their assumptions for greater clarity and useful action planning.

About the Journey

Kumaon being the Dev Bhoomi (Land of the Gods) has provided the spiritual backdrop for thousands of years for those who seek the truth from within and lead from the front. The setting of this program is in the Kumaon Himalayas in altitudes varying from 5000 to 10000 Ft above MSL. Such locations offer the opportunity to introspect amidst the towering presence of the snow clad mountains, evergreen valleys, pristine meadows and flowing rivers. While nature offers a humbling experience, Himalayas forces one to seek the truth.

Program Offerings

Yoga: Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation
Ancient Wisdom: Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Eastern & Western Philosophies
Activities: Trekking, Rappelling & Rock Climbing, Village tour and Water sports
Discussions: Case discussions on Knowing self, Mindfulness, Resilience, Self-Analytics, Authentic Happiness and Professional Contentment.

Upcoming programs

Antardhwani: The Inner Vibrations (7 Days)
27 March 2022 to 2 April 2022
₹ 17,500+GST (5%)