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Antardhwani: The Inner Vibrations (7 Days)
27 March 2022 to 2 April 2022
₹ 17,500+GST (5%)

Why SLC Himalayas

Fascination with Himalayas, awed with ancient Indian wisdom (yoga, scriptures etc.), spirituality and philosophy, disenchantment with today’s undergraduate and graduate education gave birth to SLC Himalayas. The present system of education is mostly confined to four walls of classroom and bored students just drudge through their courses not learning much as these courses are either not practical or there is no real life learnings. SLC Himalayas was created to bridge the above gap by giving everyone a glimpse of real world inside and out. In SLC Himalayas the participants are exposed to courses on life to help them navigate choppy and uncertain waters in their personal life and professional careers. It so happened that learnings from SLC Himalayas can be applied to anyone and anywhere.

What is SLC Himalayas

Strategies for Life & Career (SLC) in Himalayas blends ancient Indian wisdom, management thought, discourses on spirituality and adventure in the lap of Himalayas. It is an outbound program with a mix of inner and external journey unraveling through reflection, Yoga and sessions on management and ancient scriptures to make oneself transparent and free from all fears.

The Pedagogy

The day starts with Yoga near the banks of Ramganga river, on Mukteshwar hills or in a little hamlet called Shaama surrounded by snow capped peaks followed with discourses on Rishi Patanjali’s yoga sutras and their usefulness in our day to day life and work. The participants study and discuss Upanishads, Shiv Puran and other scriptures sitting under a thatched roof with trees and gigantic mountains all around. The talk on Indian mysticism is normally everyone’s favourite wherein Ramcharitramanas ideas and it’s practicality in today’s cluttered world is discussed. Participants engages in many adventures sports during the day including trekking, Kayaking, surfing and may more. The day ends with the talks on Kabir, Raidas, Gurdjeif, Laotse, Buddha and modern management thoughts.

For Whom

SLC Himalayas nourishes you with spirituality, inner discipline, aloneness and transparency and helps you find your place in this world. SLC is for those who have deep desire to walk into unknown and then come up nourished and enriched for life. SLC is a course seeped in self-discovery, adventure and wisdom.

Our Story – By Sandeep Gupta

Long before we had put the idea of SLC Himalayas into action, my inner journey had already commenced with the Himalayas years back. My stays at many ashrams in Rishikesh kindled my inquisitiveness for Indian mysticism leading me deep into several meditative and Yogic practices. My long stay at Sivananda Ashram wherein I learnt Yoga sutras of Patanjali, Narad Bhakti Sutras, Bhagvad Gita, Upnishdas and other Indian scriptures opened new vistas and I went deeper and deeper into myself. The bathe into river Ganges was like reinvigorating the entire soul what to speak of the body.
Such experiences for me haven’t been unique in the Himalayas and often keep occurring, while meditating, reading scriptures or doing asanas and Pranayams with Usha Ji at Omkaranda Ashram and at the feet of other Himalayas masters. Going into Dhayana is a grace that can come anytime anywhere but I feel that in the Himalayas it easily happens. Mountains and specially Himalayas have that power to make everyone meditative and contemplative and it is easier to be one with oneself while sitting on a bank of a river or looking down to a green valley.
Such were the incidents that framed the background on which SLC Himalayas was built. So, I can say that the foundation of SLC Himalayas was laid long before SLC Himalayas came into being. But it actually happened when I saw students and different people from every walk of life muddled and worried endlessly for some reason.
I felt that they need to go out and need to explore themselves under the light of contemplation,  be alone and not in groups, be quiet and reflect, read and discuss ancient scriptures to answer thousands of questions that bothers them, do yogic exercises to find peace between mind and body and then go deep within and find answers on their own. I knew that not all questions can be answered but, in contemplation, and deep meditation, the questions itself would stop and they would find a bit of themselves. What then would have been a perfect place for starting SLC Himalayas, a course, a program that blends yoga, philosophy, discourses on ancient Indian scriptures, management case studies along with adventure sports and trekking.
I believe the purpose of SLC Himalayas will always be to find one’s own self, contemplate and then free oneself from the clutches of mind. Ten days were less to gain that freedom, but it was a good start and better a start than never.


Enable the change within


Explore:  the hidden perspectives of self
Enrich: the living experience through self-evaluation
Embed: courage and fearlessness in seeking the truth
Evaluate: self-worth in a world full of complexity and competition
Exercise: peaceful coexistence and professional resilience

Our Journey