My Road to Self Discovery

Anurupa Ghosh

I was mired in running the race of the physical world,
Running blindly to help the flag of my career unfurl.

Burning the midnight oil, striving for new milestones, I did it all to hone my abilities;
Yet, there was a sense of emptiness and fear that made my mind crawl with insecurities.

As chance would have it, the mountains called me in its folds,
To give me a glimpse about the untested paths and the realities of the world it has in its store.

Befriending the rivers, learning from the ravines, and listening closely to Mother Nature,
Opened up inlets in my mind I never knew existed.

The endless reflections and self-pondering in front of the warmth of bon fire,
Made me see the beauty of life, that I started to admire.

Relentless toiling and braving the mountainous terrains melted the fibres of my body,
But it pushed my limits and forged me into a stronger and confident person
That I always wanted to embody. This paved the way to find my road to self discovery,

Oh enigmatic mountains! You helped me enliven my spirit and taught me that to take the first step,
All you need is a little bit of bravery.

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