The Better Version

Anurupa Ghosh

We are often propelled by the urge to become the better version of ourselves. How do we take the 1st step? How do we know that by trying to become a better version of ourselves we do not lose out on our individuality?

For this you need to know yourself better than the rest. You need to have the knowledge of your limitations and strengths. Working on your weaknesses sound like the right way to move ahead but the primary objective should be to know and embrace your limitations first.

When I was in the lap of the Himalaya, trying to gauge the enormity of the universe, I ventured into the trip with the intention of pushing my limitations. But what are my limitations? Often we are so blinded by working on our strengths that we forget we are humans. We are ingrained with frailties and flaws. 

There was one activity which required us to climb the steep mountainous terrains of Uttarakhand. This endeavor seemed very exciting but mentally I had already given up. My excited soul and the so called practical soul started having a conversation. 

‘I am going to go for the 700 metres climb’, chirped my excited self.

‘You fool! You will fall down within a second. You don’t even have the required muscle strength and fitness’, chided my so called practical self.

The latter voice was stronger and made more sense and hence my excited soul got silenced. When I began my climbing task, I literally gave up after climbing 2 steps.

‘You can do it. Why are you giving up even before trying? Why don’t you give your best shot and see where that takes you!’, boomed the confident voice of my instructor.

Don’t we do something similar in real life; in our career; in our personal life! We create a predefined mental barrier even before trying and condition our mind about the impossibility of the task.

My sojourn with the mountains during the educational trip was an eye-opener. It made me come face to face with my lacunae; my limitations which made me realize my potential.

My limitations did not lie within my muscle strength; it was present in my mind. We humans are never comfortable talking about our weaknesses. We take immense pleasure in painting a beautiful picture of ourselves on social media. I was one such victim of this thought. Until I was asked to reflect on my mountainous journey and share my experience in front of the warm crackling bon fire.

‘How am I supposed to discuss my intimate thoughts and weaknesses in front of the world?’ asked my soul in a horrified manner. ‘Will people not judge me?’

When I was pouring out my emotions in front of the eager minds and the welcoming warmth of the bon fire, it felt like a liberating experience. I felt liberated by embracing my weaknesses. It pushed me towards a newer self who is okay with accepting her lacuna. It made me honest with myself and propelled me to work towards a better version.

It’s not just the skills that will take you ahead in the corporate life. It is your temperament to understand a particular situation and take the best possible course of action for yourself that will decide the future of your career.

For this you need to be open minded and let your limitations come to the forefront so that you can maneuver them to become your strengths. That is how you will see the way ahead to become a better version of yourself.

For the first time, my creative, uninhibited and excited soul was in sync with my practical self. They became a balanced coin. Each an inextricable part of me whose balance is essential. “Yes, you can do it. You have your own weaknesses but do not give up before trying”, encouraged both sides of the balance coin.

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