Perfection-subset of Imperfection

Anaha Pandey

Is there anything that is perfect? Isn’t it true that everything has a scope for improvement? Aren’t we all involved in some kind of process? Have we not escaped the idea of being perfect because we have accepted that it is unattainable? Take a moment and think…

I was fortunate to be a part of SLC where I could filch some time from my life to answer all these questions. It is rightly said, ‘With every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks’. The program is designed in a way that you are tempted to answer those ignored questions. In the midst of mountains and clouds you face your true self. I tried to answer these questions, because I wanted to know the purpose of my existence. I was sure, I was undergoing some process but didn’t know- what process and where that would lead me in the future. Sure, we try to achieve something and put in our hard work to make it perfect but what is perfection?

We are so attached with the word perfection that we have started believing it is some kind of virus that destroys the host itself. We try to create a picture of perfection in our mind with defined boundaries. If we are asked to picture a ground, a simple ground we would imagine it to be perfectly even. Why? Because we think that’s what perfect is. However, during our 14 km trek, I discerned that the roads were uneven, flow of water was unset, trees were not straight and the rocks were too big to cross. Nothing really close to our picture of perfection, but ironically, those imperfections made the trek perfect. Those uneven roads were necessary to give support to the unstructured trees; those unstructured trees were required to give space to the rocks and those rocks gave us the way to traverse the current. Everything was so intact, so right in its own form, that even given a chance I wouldn’t want to disturb that beautiful ecosystem. I then realized, perfection is nothing but a process that aligns each and everyone’s effort towards that ONE BIG THING.

Perfection is in the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly; development of a small cell into a baby; a family trying to survive and live happily together; a squad striving to live in the hardest of situations and so many such examples.

If you observe, there is one thing that holds all of them together- HARMONY. Every part of the caterpillar, cell or human strives to transform. Every unsymmetrical surface compliments the ecosystem. Perfection is having all of its parts in harmony with a common purpose, that’s it! This whole concept has a well defined structure. Every dot has a defined work to do; every part knows its capabilities and limitations.

Now, imagine if we have this kind of understanding and balance in an organization. We would all know the importance of each and every part of the whole system. We will try to become better and better every day.

This program helped me in figuring out my strengths, weaknesses and trigger points which helped me in making some important decisions of my life. I gained strength and utmost courage to enter into this competitive world. I am convinced that perfection is real. The word means collective efforts- efforts of every iota of you and every fraction of this huge system. We are that integral part that helps us integrate this journey. We all are unique, we all have different strengths and we all have a purpose here. Embrace your mistakes, they are to be savored.  Let this word not haunt you or stop you from trying. I am in the process of becoming perfect. This whole process is going towards perfection![1] [2] 

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