Dive Into Nothingness

Sandeep Gupta

Always functioning but non-existent. Mindlessness is not separate from mind. SLC was created to find that mindlessness amid mind. Peace amid chaos. I was realizing that man is suffering immensely and the suffering is totally unwarranted, the suffering within family, the suffering in job, the suffering in society and so on and all this was totally unnecessary. During SLC we tried to bring all this suffering in front and look at it, with dispassionate eyes, in between rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys, trees and meadows for nature has this effect of making you alone and in this aloneness wonders happen. SLC was an effort not to give meaning to life but take it away. SLC was created to completely bare one’s soul, make it naked and then dive into that nakedness, darkness and emptiness, baring not just within oneself but in front of every else and so, participants cried and cried. Tears washed their past away and nothing was remaining hidden. No secrets was the motto of these ‘reflection’ session and everyone was so afraid, so cagey lest they reveal a secret and people use it to their advantage. The distrust for others, for oneself was so great. But once it started, all the distrust got washed away like a Ramganga river on whose banks we sat for hours, baring the soul, the most liberating experience of all as they later said it was and the most important part of the entire SLC experience. A little nudge, a little discipline, days away from routine and mundane, calming effect of Himalayas helped everyone gained courage to reveal the deepest, darkest parts of oneself and then it was all clear, transparent, lucid and what a liberation as if a great burden was lifted. SLC is not a course to learn something but a course to unlearn everything. It is not a course to fill the mind with more jargon but to be mindlessness, to be void and empty. SLC helps you to dive into nothingness and confront and see yourself in totality for the first time. SLC is not for those who knows everything about scriptures but for those who dive deep into mysticism and then come out with awe and wonder as to what they have gained. SLC is not to take someone out of society and throws him/her into dark and deep Himalayan caves but on the other hand to place someone into society for the first time knowing that there is calm and peace even within chaos and tumult of our everyday lives and so what else is success?

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